Jamaica Non Profit Charity Helps Children In Ocho Rios
welcomes one
of these little
children in
my name
welcomes me;
and whoever
welcomes me
does not
welcome me
but the one
who sent me."

Mark 9:37
The majority of
families with children
in Jamaica struggle
each day just to

In many cases, they
live in poverty
beyond your
When the parents in
these families have
to make a choice
between feeding
their children or
sending them to
school, many a child
never gets a chance
to be educated.

Your donation offers
hope in the face of
inadequate medical
care, poor housing
and inconsistent

Your donation or
monthly sponsorship
will open a world of
opportunity for
vulnerable children
living in poverty. It
will give these
children hope and
open the door to a
life of purpose so
they will have a
chance to achieve
their full God given
Help A Child In Jamaica Build A Future
attends Exchange All Age
School. He is seven years
old and is a very sweet,
loving child. His distended
belly is evidence of his
is fifteen years old and he
loves school but finances
often does not allow it.
Whenever he can, he
'hustles' to earn money to
go to school.
is a bright, caring girl who
helps her Mom with
household chores like
cooking. She attends
Tacky High and is need of
some extra lessons. She is
14 YO
struggles with shyness
and moodiness. She is
starving for unconditional
love and acceptance.
Taneika, is 13 and cannot
Like his Mom, Odane is
physically challenged. Like
all the children on this
page, inadequate housing
and malnutrition is his daily
reality. Odane is 16 YO
is 11 years old and is a
very loving,engaging child
that's always hungry.
She's not at all shy about
begging for anything that
catches her eye.
at 12, is a very loving child, full
of energy, bright and outgoing.
With the right help, he could
exceed beyond our wildest
hope. Please help him break
the cycle of poverty and crime
that is his family's history.
is already showing signs of
the crippling degenerative
disease that afflicts her
family. Even tho she's 8
years old, she has the
body of a 4 year old due
to years of malnutrition.
Odane, Taneisha and Abi are Carl's and Carla's children.
Marlon, Odette, Keron and Kareen are Donna's Children.
Demar and Owayne  are "Little Miss"'s Children.
Bread Basket Ministries
Serving the least among us in Jamaica
Odane, Taneisha and Abi are Carla's Children.
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Website: www.breadbasketministries.com
like his brother Demar,
needs to be in school, so he
can escape from the
handicap of poverty and a
future that could easily
include drugs and petty
crime. Owayne is 14.
Phone: (876) 994-1367
PO Box 6189, Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica WI
Bread Basket Ministries
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