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"If you spend
yourselves in
behalf of the
hungry and
satisfy the needs
of the oppressed,
then your light
will rise in the
and your night
will become like
the noonday.
The LORD will
guide you always;
he will satisfy
your needs in a
sun-scorched land
and will
strengthen your
You will be like a
like a spring
whose waters
never fail."

Isaiah 58:10-11

We are all commanded to go and share God’s love and His perfect plan of salvation. We are called
to serve and witness in the name of Jesus, to be  servants, living to bring glory to His Name.  
The Mission field in Jamaica offers numerous short-term missionary opportunities to serve Jesus by
serving others.

Witnessing the work of the missions
Serving as a BBM Short Term Mission Volunteer will give you the opportunity to:
  • meet and interact directly with the children, the families and the elderly we serve
  • you will witness firsthand the social and economic realities of their daily existence so you
    will have a better understanding of the challenges they need to overcome
  • you will experience first hand how your work as a short term mission volunteer directly
    impacts their lives and their future  by helping them overcome the obstacles of poverty
  • you will see how the benefits of education, nutrition, clothing, medical care or improved
    housing can offer hope and assist families or individuals in their struggles for survival and

Available service opportunities include:
  • teach children, who slipped through the cracks of our education system, the basics of
  • the poor in Jamaica speak our local Patois, which is a combination of broken English
    interspersed with the ocassional African and Spanish words, as well as slang. Oft times, I'm
    of the opinion that we should also teach English as a foreign language :)
  • teaching Bible school and instilling sound Christian values, beliefs and morals
  • teaching art and crafts
  • teaching basic life skills to these disadvantaged youths, example computer skills, gardening
  • providing sports training as a vehicle to teach self-steem, team spirit, improved physical
    well being and cross-cultural learning.
  • visiting the elderly, reading to them and/or helping them in their homes, maybe even with
    minor home improvements
  • improve our recipients housing through cleaning, painting, minor repairs, or building homes
    or bathrooms
  • creating an available pure water source for an impoverished family would have a dramatic
    impact on their lives

Accommodations will be provided at The Blue House where you will an honored guest and
friend of Bread Basket Ministries founder and CEO, Elise Yap. You will have the opportunity to
sample native foods, to delve into our culture and a day to explore the beauty of the Ocho Rios

Age restrictions
BBM's Short Term Mission Trips are open to all. However, those younger than age 18 must be
accompanied by a parent or guardian.

A 7 night BBM Short Term Mission Trip to Ocho Rios Jamaica costs $995 per person/double
occupancy and includes accommodations, meals, taxes, gratuity, airport transfers and
transportation for your volunteer work. Volunteers are encouraged to do additional fund raising
to finance materials needed for the project of their choice. Airfare is NOT included.

Comments of previous volunteers
Click here to read comments made by previous volunteers.

BEWARE: short-term mission work is very contagious. Your life will be forever changed. Although
a short-term mission trip lasts only one week, team members return home humbled and spiritually
enriched by their experience, praying and trusting that their efforts have made a positive and
eternal difference in building the Kingdom of God.  Many volunteers return home empowered to
live as disciples of Christ in their own communities, serving the least among us.
You can volunteer to help Bread Basket Ministries right where you are, no matter where you are
in the world. We are looking for volunteers who are knowledgeable in applying for available
Jamaica Missions Volunteer
Bread Basket Ministries  
Serving the least among us in Jamaica
Phone: (876) 994-1367
PO Box 6189, Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica WI
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Bread Basket Ministries
O c h o   R i o s     J a m a i c a

You can volunteer to help Bread Basket Ministries right where you are, no matter where you are
in the world. We are looking for volunteers who are knowledgeable in creating and distributing
You can volunteer to help Bread Basket Ministries right where you are, no matter where you are
in the world. We are looking for volunteers who would like to help raise funds for ongoing

Our current projects include:
  • Food Basket Delivery
  • Education
  • Elderly Care
  • Providing Clean, potable, available water
  • Latrine Building
  • Medical Assistance
  • Sunday School and Bible Study
  • Housing/Building  Projects
Help Fan The Glimmer Of Hope In Jamaica